Marble is one of the oldest and most beautiful stones available on the market today. Whether it’s for countertops, tabletops, vanities or other applications, marble truly stands apart. At StoneMart, we proudly offer a premium range of marble slabs and marble tiles for sale. Learn more about marble or come and experience the finest marble slabs and marble tiles in Melbourne at our showroom in Eumemmerring, close to Dandenong.


Marble is a metamorphic stone that is a result of limestone being subjected to immense amounts of pressure for a long period of time. Marble’s popularity began in ancient Rome and Greece, where white and off-white marble was used to construct a variety of structures, from hand-held sculptures to massive pillars.

The Greeks and the Romans chose marble for their structures because of its beauty. Aside from statues and buildings, coloured marble was used to create beautiful tile flooring. The colour of marble varies due to the different minerals that are present in the stone.

In the modern day, marble is regularly used for floors, bathroom walls, countertops, and entryways, to name just a few. Marble does not collect dirt or stain easily, making it practical, easy to clean, and simple to maintain.

Black and White Marble Slabs

At StoneMart, we have years of experience as local marble suppliers, enabling us to provide you with the best personalised solution.

We proudly offer black marble slabs such as Nero Marquina and Pietra Grey, white marble slabs like Bianco Carrara, and Marble tiles in grey and exotic colours.

To get started with a premium range of black marble slabs and white marble slabs for an affordable price, contact us today.



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