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With extensive industry knowledge, StoneMart has been sourcing natural stone from the finest quarries in different continents of the world. We maintain exceptional and strong supplier relationships to allow for the highest quality of stone at affordable prices. We keep stock all year around to ensure flexibility and convenience.
We pride ourselves in having the largest selection of natural stone tiles and slabs displayed beautifully in our showrooms and available in our warehouse facilities. Our two Melbourne Warehouses contain thousands of square meters of natural stones (tiles and slabs and pavers) and porcelain tiles ready for immediate delivery.
Please visit our showroom to view the largest display of natural stone available in Australia.

  • Our Product Range

StoneMart is an exclusive and leading supplier of the best quality natural stones based in Melbourne. We provide top-class natural stones, from leading quarries around the world, to ensure that your every need is met. Our products include marble, granite, travertine, limestone, dolomite, onyx, bluestone, quartzite, pavers, pool coping, porcelain tiles and porcelain panels. Our comprehensive stone collections help you to find the exact pattern and look you want for your dream project.

  • Quality and Selection

The constant pursuit of the perfect stone is what sets StoneMart’s collection apart as a unique stone boutique. Instead of trying to fulfill a stock list of popular materials, selections are made based on the uniqueness of each stone. In StoneMart materials are evaluated based on their color, veining, clarity and consistency.

  • Showroom Experience

Our tile and slab warehouses are located in Doveton suburb near Dandenong, which is one of the centrally located suburbs with a very convenient access from M1 Princess High Way. To achieve hundred percent client satisfaction is our aim. We deliver a beautiful product with the highest quality and most importantly, at the most competitive price. We can procure natural stone as per your own specs. We streamlined our supply chain for your convenience. We have the finest & largest product range of natural stones Based in Melbourne, StoneMart is committed to bring nature to your homes from around the world.

StoneMart is about truly appreciating the pieces of art that nature has created so slowly over centuries. Our goal is simply to help customers discover the uniqueness and beauty of this natural wonder.

Our procurement experts regularly visit quarries in countries including Italy, Turkey, China, Brazil and Greece to select and procure quality natural stone. Our strong relationships with quarry owners & suppliers around the world enable us to provide you with the best selection & highest quality stone products whether marble, granite, marble, quartz or travertine from the best quarries in the world at the lowest possible prices. We are specialized in the supply of natural stone products for, multi-family residential dwellings, commercial projects.

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  • Design Driven

As a company that is design driven, we work exclusively with architects, designers, builders, developers and residential customers ensuring that the cutting-edge innovative elements of our stone, tiles and pavers complement creativity. The concierge service that we provide gives our private clients the ability to view exclusive ranges that are not available by any other supplier in Australia. Each product is unique in texture, colour palette and setting, giving homes a touch of class and distinction.

Our professional team with years of experience in the Stone Industry would be available for your specification needs, sourcing stones in different finishes and sizes, inspecting and managing any projects that need Natural Stone. Contact us or visit our Tile and Slab showroom .





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